Slots, roulettes, cards and social applications. We create it from concept to release. Our games deliver increased brand retention and cause repeatable non stop playing. Everything is possible. Just ask for a game, we will definitely create it for you!
Idenon is a modern games development studio. Keeping our clients in mind, we are proud of designing and developing our games in-house. Our aim is to bring new quality into existing legacy market. We deliver unique gaming experience with every new product. We develop games that people want to play non stop!
Incredible Development
IDENON Play non stop
1. 2D & 3D animation
Quality animation is a necessary condition for a bright, modern game that has constant customers success.
2. Sound effects
We select the most suitable themed sound effects considering the general concept of the game, storylines and characters.
3. Design
Exclusive features and unique design makes our games real bestsellers.
4. Mathematical model
High RTP level slots and interesting mechanics make it possible to attract the new users` attention quickly.
5. Technologies
HTML5, Flash, JavaScript, C++, Python, PHP
6. Customer & Technical Support
We provide system monitoring and technical support to protect your revenues and to ensure the best user experience for your customers.
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Extra things to consider
  • Happy and friendly atmosphere
  • Manage your professional development and financial growth
  • Create a high-class games for more than 20 million players
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